Reading these posts is intended to replicate the sensation of getting the hiccups while scuba diving – a state of panic leading to breathlessness and resulting in colorful hallucinations.

John Branning

John Branning

The predominant theme you may recognize is how I’m flummoxed by almost everything: marriage; fatherhood; the workplace; cat ownership; the English language; home repairs. And the proper use of semi-colons.

Besides what I contribute here, you can also ignore some of my earlier posts by not visiting my website, www.FactsOptional.com, as well as by not downloading a copy of my e-book “Selfie-Facing: Analog Musings in a Digital World,” which was recently named by IndieReader as one of “19 Great Reads for Spring” (out of 20 titles considered).

It is said that “good humor is a tonic for mind and body.” I trust you’ll find what I post here can serve as the gin to that tonic.